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Aeroclipper Video--->Aviation DVDs - fighter, bomber, naval aviation, commercial airliner from World War II to present day. Also naval, submarine and railroad DVDs.

Aero Favourites--->Jan de Hoog's website featuring photos of his ten favorite aircraft. Venture to guess which one is #1 on his list?

Aircraft & Jets of World War II--->This website provides links to info on a wide variety of WW II aircraft.

Aussie Airliners--->A detailed history and nice complilation of photos of HARS C-121C VH-EAG.

Batcat--->Larry Westin's fascinating website dedicated to the EC-121R aircraft in service with the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing based at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base during the Vietnam conflict.

Bob Bogash's CF-TGE Website--->Bob's website is full of information and photos of former TCA Super Constellation CF-TGE from it's birth at Lockheed to it's rescue and restoration by Seattle's Museum of Flight. Bob was the museum's project manager and his website is a "must see" for all Constellation fans.

Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII--->Website featuring the cars, tanks and airplanes of WWII.

Constellation Production List--->Dominique Ottello's comprehensive production list including ultimate fate of each aircraft

Constellation Postcards--->Greg Smith s website features an extensive collection of airline and airport issued postcards of the Lockheed Constellation.

Dayton Ohio Aviation History--->A Dayton, Ohio lawyer's website with some interesting links to Dayton's rich aviation history.

Goleta Air and Space Museum - Constellation--->Brian Lockett has created a fascinating "virtual museum" with many interesting Constellation pictures and facts.

Goleta Air and Space Museum Super Constellation--->Brian Lockett's companion site featuring the Super Constellation.

The Business of Aviation: History of Flight--->An interesting website summarizing the history of flight back to 400 BC.

Iconic Aircraft--->This website features Matt Evan's UK based forum dedicated to the "Appreciation of the World's Finest Aeroplanes"

The Lockheed File--->This website is a cornucopia of information on Lockheed aircraft that have operated in Australia. Included is an "everything you wanted to know" section on the twenty-three Constellations and Super Constellations operated by Qantas.

Old Props--->Paul Middleton has developed the "standard reference" for anyone seeking information on classic propliners, with over a hundred aircraft types included.

Old Wings--->Aviation historian Aad van der Voet's website is packed full of information, articles and photos relating to propliner aircraft.

Project Jenny--->An interesting website about Project Jenny and the "Blue Eagle" NC-121J aircraft that provided television service to troops during the Vietnam War.

Project Jenny Photo Gallery--->Background information and lots of photos about the Vietnam era Project Jenny Program which, in addition to having a psychological warfare mission, provided television and radio service to the troops.

Propeller Stories--->Tony Vasko's very interesting and informative website where he tells stories about the good old days when airliners had piston engines and propellers.

Propliner Information Exchange--->Ralph M. Pettersen's website featuring news, articles and photos of Propliner aircraft.

Propliner Magazine--->This British periodical, published quarterly since 1979, is a must for all those interested in vintage "propliner" aircraft.>Henk Tito's photo gallery, which includes some very nice air-to-air photos of the Dutch Aviodrome's Connie arriving in The Netherlands.

Ralph Kunadt s Airliner Photos--->A very nice website full of photos for the airliner enthusiast. For a special treat, click on the "Propliner Specials" button!

Ruud Leeuw's Classic Airliners--->A wonderful website full of interesting and informative articles, photos and facts for the propliner enthusiast.

Survivors---> Roy Blewett s excellent website offering a guide to surviving older generation transport aircraft.

Vickers Viscount Network--->A comprehensive website consisting of 20,000+ pages and photos dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Vickers Viscount.

Vintage Aviation Pictures--->Michael S. Prophet's excellent website dedicated to vintage aviation

VW-1 All Hands Alumuni Association--->This website is dedicated to all those who served on-board Airborne Early Warning Squadron One (VW-1) the "Typhoon Trackers" from 1948 to 1971

Warbirds of India--->This website is dedicated to the vintage aircraft of Indian. Some interesting tidbits on the three remaining ex-Indian Air Force and Navy Super Connies.

The "Willy Victor" Page--->Wes Mortenson's website is dedicated to the Navy's "Willie Victor" (WV-2/EC-121) aircraft and the men who crewed them during the cold war period of the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

The North Atlantic Barrier "Willy Victors"--->Baldur Sveinsson's website is dedicated to the Navy's "Willie Victor" (WV-2/EC-121) aircraft that were based at Keflavik, Iceland and flew the North Atlantic Barrier until the late 1970's.

WTH Photography--->Willem Honder's website with some very nice photographs of the Dutch Aviodrome Museum's L749A Constellation.

Zoggavia Classic Airliner Photography--->Paul Zogg's website with a huge assortment of classic airliner photos, many of which I have never seen before.


National Airline History Museum--->Based at Kansas City Downtown Airport, the NAHM owns Super Constellation N6937C, which for many years was operated on an extensive US airshow schedule. The aircraft is currently on static display in the museum's hangar but there are plans to make her airworthy. In addition to the Super Constellation, the group owns Martin 404 N145S and DC-3 NC1945, which is currently under restoration.

Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS)--->HARS restored the last Constellation to leave the boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB, flew it across the Pacific Ocean to Australia and now operates the beautifully restored VH-EAG on the Australian airshow circuit.

Historical Flight Foundation (HFF)--->While HFF doesn't operate a Constellation, they operated DC-7B N836D, painted in 1950's era Eastern Airliners colors, in 2010/11. The aircraft has been on static display at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, NC since experiencing an engine failure in November 2011.

Skyclass Aviation--->This South African company operates 3 DC-4's (ZS-AUA, ZS-AUB, and ZS-BMH) and 3 DC-3's (ZS-BXF, ZS-CAI and ZS-LVR) on charter to destinations in Africa and to islands in the Indian Ocean.

Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA)--->This Swiss based group ferried the "ex-Camarillo Connie", now known as the "Breitling Super Constellation", from Camarillo, CA to Basel, Switzerland where it arrived May 8, 2004. It is current participating on the European airshow circuit jointly operated by the Constellation Historical Society and the SCFA.


Aerospace Museum of California--->The museum is located at the former McClellan AFB in Sacramento, CA. The museum officially opened in 1986 as the McClellan Aviation Museum but was converted to a private foundation when the base closed in 2001. The museum was renamed the Aerospace Museum of California in November 2005 and is home to EC-121K BuNo 141309.

Air Mobility Command Museum--->The museum is located at Dover AFB in Dover, Delaware. They are currently restoring Super Constellation N1005C that sat atop a restaurant in Penndel, Pennsylvania for many years. In addition to the Super Connie, the museum has a number of other "propliners" in their collection.

Aviodrome Lelystad Airport--->Unfortunately, the website is in Dutch. The Aviodrome is based at Lelystad Airport in Holland and features the beautifully restored Constellation N749NL, which is currently on static display. In addition to the Constellation, the group operates an ultra-rare DC-2 on the European airshow circuit.

Castle Air Museum--->The museum is located at the former Castle AFB and features a huge collection of vintage military aircraft.

Combat Air Museum--->The Combat Air Museum, located in Topeka, Kansas is home to EC-121T, 52-3418 . In addition to this Super Constellation, the museum boasts a fine collection of military aircraft.

Peterson Air and Space Museum--->Housed in the original 1941 era Colorado Springs Municipal Airport passenger terminal at Peterson AFB, the museum's collection includes military aircraft and missiles. A must-see for the propliner enthusiast is EC-121T 52-3425, which was recently restored and has an interior virtually intact from its active duty days.

South African Airways Museum Society--->The SAA Museum Society owns the beautifully restored L1649A Starliner ZS-DVJ. It was recently the recipient of a beautiful Trek Airways paint scheme, compliments of South African Airways, and is scheduled to be transported by road from Johannesburg International Airport to Rand Airport, Germiston.

Air and Space Museum Links--->Vic Saini has compiled a comprehensive list, with associated internet links, of air and space museums throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Atlantic Models--->Roger Jarman's Atlantic Models offers a full range of professional quality airliner models ranging from classic Sikorsky flying boats, to Constellations, Stratocruisers and most other prop liners, to current production airliners such as the B777.>A short history of the "Legendary" Lockheed Constellation.

Jack Frye Aviation Pioneer Blog--->Jack Frye was the first President of Transcontinental & Western Airlines, known today as TWA. The website contains many photographs, articles and a history of this aviation pioneer, who blazed the very first trails in worldwide air travel.

TWA Active Retired Pilots Association (TARPA)--->Lots of Constellation goodies in this website created and maintained by a group of retired TWA pilots.

The Wright Brothers and Aviation--->Hosted by a law firm, this website is a treasure trove of information about the Wright Brothers.

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